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Financial advice

How do I change my investment options?

What is Default Cover?

How soon can I access my super and how long is the process?

What investment option (or options) should I choose?

Can I stay with NGS Super if I change jobs?

When will I receive my Annual Statement?

How can I contact NGS?

How can I get a Centrelink schedule?

What is your Electronic Service Address (ESA)?

Are NGS Financial Planners right for me?

How much does financial planning cost?

What happens in the first appointment?

Not sure what type of advice you need?

How do I make an appointment?

What is my insurance category?

My Member Statement says I'm covered for $6,000 per month for Income Protection but I earn less than this. Will I be able to claim more than my usual earnings?

How much cover is enough?

Can I change my insurance cover?

Can I cancel my insurance cover?

What types of insurance does NGS Super offer?

Why should I have cover with NGS?

Get the right advice for you

How do I make a claim?

I can't find my question here. Where can I find more information?

How do I change my investment options?

Am I charged tax on investment earnings?

Which investment options are right for me?

What kind of fees and costs are involved in investing?

How do I know what the underlying assets are in my investment options?

Where my money is invested is important to me – how do I know my funds are being invested ethically and responsibly?

How do I keep an eye on investment performance?

Does NGS have a self-managed option?

What is unit pricing and how is it calculated?

What are the potential risks involved in investing?

How does my Income account affect my age pension?

Can I choose how much I receive from my Income account?

Can I choose when I receive my Income account payments?

How do I change my Income account payments?

Are my Income account payments taxable?

Can I draw my payments from different investment options?

Can I add contributions to my NGS Income account?

How are lump sum withdrawals from my Income account treated?

What if I don’t need any Income account payments?

What is a reversionary pensioner?

When am I eligible for an NGS Income account?

How much do I need to open an NGS Income account?

Are death benefits taxable?

Centrelink needs information about my NGS account – where can I find this?

What do I do if it looks like my employer is not making contributions?

What happens if I change jobs?

What happens when I retire?

How can I get financial advice?

How do I transfer money from another fund to NGS Super?

I’m going to work overseas – what happens to my super contributions?

Does NGS offer contribution splitting?

How do I change my investment options?

What fees do I pay on my account?

I’m working in Australia on a working visa – how do I claim my super?

Does NGS Super comply with UK Pension scheme requirements?

What types of contributions can I make to NGS Super?

How do I make contributions to my account?

How soon can I access my super and how long is the process?

Do I get automatic insurance cover with NGS Super?

What happens to my super if I die?

Can I transfer my NGS account to a KiwiSaver account?

Can I transfer my KiwiSaver account to an NGS account?

What does NGS Super’s carbon neutral by 2030 target mean for my super?

How will NGS create a carbon neutral portfolio by 2030?

How does NGS measure carbon in the portfolio?

Does NGS currently have fossil fuels in its portfolio?

What’s the difference between engagement and divestment?

Will NGS be using carbon offsets to achieve its 2030 target?

How is sustainability relevant to a super fund?

What’s the difference between ethical investing and sustainable investing?

What is impact investing?

Does investing through an ESG lens mean you forgo financial return?

What does active ownership mean?

How do I make a complaint?

What if I need to provide more information?

How long will it take for my complaint to be dealt with?

Does it cost me anything to lodge a complaint?

What if the internal complaint process doesn’t resolve my issue?


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You can find your member number on your digital member card, welcome letter or annual statement. If you need help, call us on 1300 133 177.

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You may need to provide these numbers to your employer when you choose NGS as your super fund:

ABN: 73 549 180 515
USI: 73549180515701

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Access the latest and previous Annual Reports.

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Statement of fund compliance

Provide this to your employer so that your contributions are directed to your NGS Super account.

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As a member of NGS, you have access to our dedicated advice services. Our expert advice team can help you make sense of your finances, and guide you to achieving the goals you have, whether big or small.

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