Now that you've set up your retirement, managing it should be hassle-free. We've mapped out the options and info you need, so you can easily get the admin out of the way, and go back to enjoying the fun stuff.  

Managing your NGS Income account

Your NGS Income account comes with the flexibility to make changes to your payments as often as you like. As long as you meet minimum annual payment requirements, you have the freedom to manage your income to suit your lifestyle and needs.

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Income account payment options

You've got plenty of flexibility within your NGS Income account around how you receive your income payments. There are some conditions to meet, but generally, how much you receive and how often is up to you.

Nominating beneficiaries

Under Australian law, your super isn’t automatically included in your estate, so making a will isn’t enough. That's why it's important to nominate beneficiaries — it can help ensure your super ends up in the right hands. 

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Retirement basics

The decision to retire permanently largely depends on whether you have the financial resources available to see you through the rest of your life.

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Funding retirement

You know where your income is coming from today but do you know where it will come from in retirement?

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Income streams

We are spending longer periods of time in retirement and circumstances can change over time. This makes planning for your retirement more difficult.

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Chat with a Super Specialist

Our Super Specialists can help answer questions about your super, investments and insurances, no matter which stage of your career journey you're at. Find out more

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