What is superannuation?

Superannuation (super) is a mandatory system in which a portion of your income is put aside to save for your retirement. The super fund you select and how you choose to invest, grow and manage your savings is important, not only at retirement but during all phases of your working life. The more you save throughout your working years, the better retirement income you'll have later to create the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Make super work for you

Making the most out of superannuation from the start will ultimately help you turn your retirement dreams into reality. NGS are here to empower you on your super journey, from the start of your first job, throughout your career and then during retirement. Find out how you can make super work better for you.

Super basics
Grow my super
Manage my super

Super health check

How does your super check out? Ensuring your superannuation is healthy may seem complicated but we've made it easy by providing all the tools you need. Make sure you're getting the most from your super.

Why choose NGS Super

As a leading Industry SuperFund, we're proud to put our members first in everything we do. All profits go back to our members and we never pay commissions. At NGS, we're here for you.


Let our range of calculators do the hard work for you. See how much making extra super contributions could boost your savings, check if you're eligible for help from the government and ensure you have the right level of insurance cover for your needs.

Make after-tax contributions

Putting a little extra in your superannuation now could make a world of difference later. Boosting your super is easy and depending on your eligibility, the government could match a portion of your contribution to your super up to $500.

Start salary sacrificing

Topping up your superannuation with your pre-tax salary will boost your balance and potentially save you on tax. Find out how easy it is to set up with our online form.

Consolidate your super

If your superannuation is with multiple funds, you’re paying multiple fees. Managing your superannuation is a lot easier when it’s all in the one place. Find and consolidate any lost super with us online - it only takes a few minutes.

Nominate who gets your super

If something happens to you, who gets your super? You can help your superannuation go to the right person with one simple step: nominating a beneficiary.

Keep track of your super online

It’s easy to manage your superannuation any time through your Member Online account. Log in to view your balance, update personal details and apply for changes to your investments and insurance.

Things you need to know

Fees and costs

As an Industry SuperFund, we keep our fees low and are run only to benefit our members.

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Accessing your super

To ensure you achieve the retirement goals you deserve, there are rules around when and how you can access your super.

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Changing jobs

Changing jobs doesn't mean you have to change super funds. Keep all of your money together in NGS Super.

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Learn with NGS MoneyCoach

Super basics

You might think super is tricky to understand but it doesn't have to be.

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Women and super

Many people currently face an under-funded retirement because super hasn't been around for their entire working lives. And the concern is greater for women, because super is directly linked to participation in the workforce.

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Super investments

When it comes to your super, one of the most important choices you can make is deciding your overall investment strategy.

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