Let our range of super calculators do the hard work for you. See how extra super contributions could boost your savings, check if you're eligible for help from the government and ensure you have the right level of insurance cover for your needs.

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Super retirement calculator

Our True Wealth super retirement calculator estimates your projected super balance and how long it may last in retirement. It's a good way to check if you're on track for the retirement you're hoping for.

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Insurance quote calculator

Find our how much cover you need and how much it could cost.

Insurance calculator

Government super calculators

MoneySmart super contributions optimiser

MoneySmart's optimiser helps you work out the type of super contributions that will give your account balance the biggest boost.

Super contributions optimiser

Australian Taxation Office super co-contributions calculator

Use this tool to estimate how much the government could contribute to your super under the co-contribution scheme. For more details on government co-contributions, see our After-tax contributions page.

Super co-contributions calculator

Compare super funds with Chant West AppleCheck

Chant West AppleCheck is an independent comparison tool that allows you to compare super funds from a list of over 200 super and pension funds.

An AppleCheck report will provide you with a side-by-side super fund comparison including:

  • super fund overviews
  • fees and costs case studies
  • investment options and investment returns
  • types of insurance available and cost of premiums
  • Chant West's super fund rating.

When you access the AppleCheck super fund comparison tool from this page, your $55 report fee will be waived. You can run up to 3 reports each year.

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Learn with NGS MoneyCoach

NGS MoneyCoach helps build your financial literacy by simplifying complex concepts so that you can make informed and confident decisions about your money.

How much super will I need?

The savings needed for retirement will be different for everyone, and even the smallest thing, like getting regular haircuts, can make a difference to your budget. Take our quiz to get an idea of the kind of retirement that may suit you.

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