You’ve been saving your super throughout your working life to get ready for this moment. With retirement now a little closer, there are a few extra things you might want to explore to make sure that you’re confident and prepared.  

How much will I need?

Super is your savings for retirement, so do you know how much you should be aiming for? The answer will be different for everyone — there are various factors you need to consider in working out how much you'll need for retirement.

Why retire with NGS?

Retirement doesn't need to mean the end of your super. You can choose to retire with us by opening an NGS Income account that will provide you with a regular income. You'll also continue to enjoy member benefits like competitive investment performance and access to NGS seminars and low-cost advice. 

Transition to retirement

Retirement is a big step, but you can choose to ease into it with an NGS Transition to retirement account. Opening an account lets you draw down an income from super while still working.

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Retirement basics

The decision to retire permanently largely depends on whether you have the financial resources available to see you through the rest of your life.

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Transition to retirement

The way we work and prepare for retirement is changing in response to our changing lifestyles.

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Income streams

We are spending longer periods of time in retirement and circumstances can change over time. This makes planning for your retirement more difficult.

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Chat with a Super Specialist

Our Super Specialists can help answer questions about your super, investments and insurances, no matter which stage of your career journey you're at. Find out more

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