It's easier than you think

There are a few simple ways you can manage your super to get it working harder for you.

How to manage your super

Combine your super funds
Choose who gets your super
Access your super
Choose how you're invested

Combine your super funds

If you're with more than one super fund, you're paying multiple sets of fees. Combining your super into one fund will mean you'll pay less in fees and have less administration.

You can combine your super into your NGS Super account through Member Online. And if you're not sure whether you have other super funds, you can check online through myGov.

Combine your super

Choose who gets your super

If you want your super to be left to the right people, you’ll need to nominate your beneficiaries. Super is not automatically included in your estate, so making a will isn’t enough.

There are a few options for death benefit nominations, and the rules are strict — you should get to know them before making a decision.

Learn how death benefit nominations work

Access your super

Super is designed to provide you with funds for your retirement. That’s why you generally can’t access your super until later in life. However, in some special circumstances, you may be able to access your super before you retire.

Access super early

When you're approaching retirement or ready to retire, you can opt to create a regular income from your super by opening an NGS Transition to retirement or Income account.

Access super in retirement

Choose how you're invested

Choosing your investment options can make a big difference to how your super grows. It's important to pick options that suit your investment timeframe, goals and risk tolerance.

You can change your investment options through Member Online or by completing an Investment switching form.

If you need help picking your investments, you can speak with us on 1300 133 177 or book a complimentary appointment with a Super Specialist. 

Change my investments


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It's the easiest way to manage your super.

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Download the app

Access your super on the go with the NGS Super app.

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Use our calculators to estimate your projected super balance, how long it may last and what type of contributions could give your balance a boost.

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How to find lost super

You may have lost some super accounts throughout your working life without realising. It’s easy to find these accounts and combine them with your chosen super fund, so you’re savings are all together and you’re paying less in fees. 

What is the value of insurance?

If you could no longer work due to an injury or unexpected illness, how would you continue to earn a salary? Would you be able to support yourself and your family and pay the bills? The right type and level of insurance cover can protect you and your family if the unexpected were to happen.

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