Member Online Benefits

You can access your account online using your NGS Super membership number and PIN.

If you don't have a PIN but we have your email address, you can use the 'reset your PIN' option (click on Member login button to the left) to have a PIN emailed to you. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 133 177 and we will issue you with a PIN.

Once you do it, you’ll be able to manage and control your super account in your own time. You can also get into a super learning experience.

Here’s a rundown of how much is at your fingertips

Check your balance

Review details of your super account investments and transaction history.

Update your contact details

If you’ve changed jobs, your name, phone number or address, update us with the new information.

Provide us with your Tax File Number

Don't pay extra tax on your super. Let us know your TFN for our records. It pays to do it.

View your current insurance cover

Thinking of upgrading your insurance? See your level of cover through NGS Super.

Update your beneficiaries

Times change and so can the family members or friends who can benefit from your super.

Employer NGS OnlinePlus Benefits

NGS OnlinePlus is an online clearing-house system that enables you to submit superannuation data to multiple superannuation funds — whether it’s to NGS Super or an employee’s chosen fund.

NGS OnlinePlus is the recommended choice if you’re an employer with 20 or more employees as you can transfer your employees’ contributions ‘straight through’ from your payroll system and company/employer bank account to multiple superannuation funds in a single online transaction.

And, if you’re an employer, and your default superannuation fund is NGS Super, NGS OnlinePlus also makes the transfer of all superannuation membership data possible.

Here’s a rundown of how much is at your fingertips

Efficiency – save time and money 

Reduce the administrative burden you face in managing the payment of superannuation contributions to multiple superannuation funds under Choice of Fund. By doing this, It removes the need for unnecessary paperwork and the cost of drawing and sending cheques to multiple superannuation funds.

Accuracy – reduce the risk of errors

NGS OnlinePlus works with most payroll systems. It allows you to directly upload employee and superannuation contribution details from your payroll system to NGS OnlinePlus which helps to reduce the risk of human error.

NGS OnlinePlus has checks in place to identify errors upfront, generally reducing the need for manual reconciliations.

Flexibility and convenience 

You can access NGS OnlinePlus at any time using your normal internet service.


NGS OnlinePlus gives you total control over the amount and timing of each remittance.

  • The funds transferred must equal the contribution data
  • Both the money and data are electronically transferred to us in the one transaction
  • Most importantly, you initiate a transfer of funds from your company/employer bank account by submitting an online authorisation.


NGS OnlinePlus is a secure system which can be set up for different authorisation levels, all of which are password driven.

The system uses a private cryptographic key system, known as ‘Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL) which encrypts and decrypts data that is sent between your computer and NGS OnlinePlus. It uses a 128-bit encryption, the same used by most financial institutions.

Getting started with NGS OnlinePlus

4 reasons to get in touch with us:

1. We work with you to understand your needs

An NGS OnlinePlus consultant partners with you to understand how you currently submit superannuation data. We work with you to agree on the best method for you to use the system. If necessary, we analyse your current payroll system and demonstrate how NGS OnlinePlus works.

2. We help you set up

We provide you with a copy of the latest NGS OnlinePlus Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and ask you read it and complete the application form and the Client-initiated direct debit request form. Completing the forms allows us to establish an electronic funds transfer from your company/employer bank account to the bank accounts of your employees’ chosen superannuation funds.

3. We determine the best method for submitting contributions 

If you are an employer with a small workforce for example, it may be that an online remittance1 is the best way to submit your employees’ superannuation contributions. We can work through this with you no matter your workforce size.

4. We give all your nominated users access to the system 

By telling us who in your organisation will be using NGS OnlinePlus, we give them an ID, password, training and the right support tools.

We’re here to help

Your NGS OnlinePlus Consultant can help you if you have any queries. We provide full support through:

  • ongoing training
  • access to our dedicated NGS OnlinePlus Helpline and website
  • notification of system enhancements.

Customer Service Team: 1300 133 177

Email: Contact Us

Employer NGS Online Benefits

As an employer you want to make it easy to submit your super contributions to your employees as efficiently as possible, so it will leave you more time to run your business.

Introducing NGS Online, it is a payment service which simplifies the process of submitting superannuation contributions for your employees. A history of electronic transactions is recorded to help you keep track of contributions you have made for your employees. Not only is this an efficient way for you to pay super contributions, but it is provided free of charge.


Making payments for separate employers

NGS Online allows you to make separate payments for more than one employer. To do this it is as easy as selecting the relevant employer that you wish to submit contributions for, from the 'Selected employer' drop down list.

If you need help to set another employer to your list there's 3 simple ways to do this

  • you can add the relevant details in the Link Another Employer section
  • you can contact us on 1300 133 177
  • email and advise us of the relevant details.

Making payments for your member list

Once you have selected the relevant employer you wish to submit contributions for from the “Select employer” drop down list, select the “Member list” tab which will list all of the relevant members for the selected employer.

Adding existing NGS Super members to your member list 

To find an existing fund member, enter their member number and last name in the fields provided and then click the Find Member button. The member will then be added to your member list.

Adding new members to your member list

To add a new member, enter their last name in the field provided and then click the Add Member button. You will then have to enter the relevant information for this member. Once all of the relevant details have been added, click the Submit button.

Making contributions

When your member list is up to date, you can start making contributions for your members by selecting the Make Contribution button on the member list screen.

You can then enter the contribution details for each member.

Once you’ve entered the superannuation contributions details, select the Submit button. A BPAY® Biller Code and Reference Number and EFT BSB and Account Number will then be generated and emailed to you.

To make the superannuation payment, you will need to login to your online banking or phone banking service and follow the prompts to make a payment using your preferred payment option, using either the BPAY or EFT details that were emailed to you. It’s that easy!

Once you have submitted your first batch, you have the ability to use that batch to form the basis of any future batches you need to submit. To do this, you need to View the relevant batch from History tab and then select the Copy batch button.

Batch history 

You can view all previous batches submitted via the batch history tab.

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