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NGS QuickSuper is a payment service which simplifies the process of submitting superannuation contributions for your employees.

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Employer NGS QuickSuper features

SuperStream compliant

Under SuperStream, employers must make superannuation contributions electronically as prescribed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). NGS QuickSuper transfers payments and data to super funds in a compliant manner so it ensures it meets your SuperStream obligations.

Fast processing times

Payments processed through NGS QuickSuper will generally take:

  • one banking day to reach the member’s account when paid by EFT
  • three banking days to reach the member’s account when paid by direct debit.

This processing time is the same regardless of whether the employee is a member of NGS Super or another fund.

Easy to use

You can add new members, update member details, make contributions and exit members all with the one file upload. NGS QuickSuper accepts both SuperStream Alternative File Format (SAFF) and CSV uploads.

Most payroll systems allow contribution and member data to be exported via a SAFF. This is an industry-wide standardised data format, which includes all the required data fields to comply with SuperStream legislation while allowing you to upload information to NGS QuickSuper without the need for data manipulation.

Data security

NGS QuickSuper is operated via Westpac’s secure electronic banking network. Security features include data encryption, file compression, block validation of transmitted data, and audit trail reporting.

Need more help?

The NGS Super Employer Guide provides further instructions on how to use NGS QuickSuper.

Our team can also help you with the initial set-up. Find your Customer Relationship Manager here.

NGS QuickSuper is supported by our administration partner, Mercer. The Employer Support team are based in Mercer’s Melbourne office and are available to assist you with any queries from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.
Phone: 1300 133 177 (and press 3)
Email: [email protected]

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