On this page, you can find the numbers you may need to help you complete forms and requests.

For BPAY details, log in to Member Online, click the ‘person’ icon at the top of the screen, then select 'Personal Details'.

NGS Accumulation account fund information

If you’re completing a request to roll into or out of an NGS Accumulation account, you’ll need these numbers:

Fund name NGS Super
Australian Business Number (ABN) 73 549 180 515
Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) 73549180515701
Fund address GPO Box 4303, MELBOURNE VIC 3001
Phone number 1300 133 177

You can use our Transfer authority form to roll other super accounts into your NGS Accumulation account.

Download Transfer authority form

Starting a new job?

If you want your employer to pay your super to your NGS account, you’ll need to provide them with our fund details. You can use our Superannuation choice form — all you need to do is fill in your account details, sign, and provide it to your employer.

Download NGS Super choice form

Unique Superannuation Identifier

A USI is a code used to identify super funds and super fund products. In particular, it’s used to facilitate rollovers from one super fund to another.

The NGS USI you need will depend on what product you have with us. Find the name of your product below and the relevant USI.

NGS product USI
NGS Super — Accumulation account members 73549180515701
NGS Super — Income account members 73549180515799
Catholic Church Staff Superannuation Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515702
Eltham College Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515703
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515705
Cuesuper Superannuation Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515706

Other numbers

Name Number
MySuper identifier 73549180515789
Registrable Superannuation Entity (RSE) Registration Number R1000818
Superannuation Fund Number (SFN) 1345/339/49
Superannuation Product Identification Number (SPIN)
(for the NGS Accumulation account only)

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