We are a leading industry super fund for education professionals, but we’re open to everyone. We offer low fees, award-winning insurance, sound long-term investment performance and a strong carbon-neutral focus. We’re run only to benefit members. All our profits go back to our members — everything we do is about helping you take care of your tomorrow. Become a member today and secure your future with NGS Super.

NGS Super - carbon neutral investments by 2030

We are pleased to announce that we have set a target of 2030 to create a carbon neutral investment portfolio.

At NGS Super, we're proud to offer our members:

Low fees

As an industry super fund we keep our fees low and are run only to benefit our members

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Award-winning insurance

Affordable, recognised protection for both you and your loved ones

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Strong investment performance

A suite of investment options designed to achieve strong, long-term investment performance

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Financial advice and support

Ongoing support, financial education and tailored advice from a team of qualified professionals

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Fund sustainability

We are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles and responsible investing

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Community values

Proudly supporting school and community initiatives through our valued partnerships and associations

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Our team

Putting our members first is at the heart of everything we do. At NGS, our team are dedicated to working, living and breathing that philosophy. Making a difference to our members makes our jobs worthwhile.

Awards and ratings

We're committed to bringing the best in superannuation to all of our members and are proud to be recognised for it. Check out our industry awards and ratings, as well as our staff's latest achievements.

Our history

A lot has changed since our establishment in 1988, but one thing will always stay the same: we put our members first to help them create the brighter futures they’ve worked hard for.

Information and resources

Significant event notices

Find announcements and updates on all important changes or events that could affect your NGS Super account

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Annual reports

Comprehensive reports on our annual activities and past performance

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General advice warning

No personal advice is provided on this website. Read our general advice warning

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Investment managers

A full listing of our investment managers

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Fund information

Key information including our USI, ABN, our policies, our board and our outsourced providers

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Events and seminars

Learn actionable ways to plan your financial goals and set yourself up for retirement later in life

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