Join the 120,000 members and 11,000 employers who entrust us with over $11 billion in their retirement savings. As an award-winning Industry SuperFund, we're open to all and are run only to benefit our members.

While we are the leading Industry SuperFund for those in non-government education and community organisations, our low fees, award-winning insurance and strong investment returns are available to anyone. Your super isn't just about the numbers though - at NGS, we take pride in providing all of our members with access to genuine support, advice and education.

Your future starts here. Join NGS Super today.

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Why join NGS Super?

NGS is here to guide you throughout your entire working life and into retirement. A lot has changed since our establishment over 30 years ago, but the heart of everything we do remains the same - we always put our members first. Explore how becoming a member of NGS Super could benefit you.

Award-winning insurance

Affordable, recognised protection for both you and your loved ones

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Community values

Proudly supporting school and community initiatives through our valued partnerships and associations

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Financial advice and support

Ongoing support, financial education and tailored advice from a team of qualified professionals

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Low fees

A low administration fee, no commissions, and all profits directly to members

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Ethical investing

Recognised and ever-evolving ethical investment options, values and policies

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Strong investment performance

A suite of investment options designed to achieve strong, long-term investment performance

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