A number of changes to how your insurance within super works are either underway or about to come into effect. It's important that you understand these changes and how they could affect your insurance. Please take a few minutes to read the information below so you know if there's any action you need to take.

Protecting Your Super
Changes to the cost of your cover

Protecting Your Super

As part of the Protecting Your Superannuation legislation, effective 1 July 2019, significant changes have been implemented for insurance provided through superannuation.

One of these changes is that trustees are now generally required to stop providing insurance cover through super to any member who has not opted in to insurance cover and whose account has been inactive for 16 months or more.

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Changes to the cost of your cover

We regularly review our insurance, including what we offer, the claims that have been made and the insurance benefits paid.

Following our recent review and taking into consideration recent legislative changes, we are changing the cost of our insurance from 1 April 2020. Find out more about the changes here.

For more information, please see the Questions and Answers below.

Why did insurance premiums change on 1 April 2020?

What's the change to my premiums?

What is my insurance category?

My Member Statement says I'm covered for $6,000 per month for Income Protection but I earn less than this. Will I be able to claim more than my usual earnings?

How much cover is enough?

Can I change my insurance cover?

What types of insurance does NGS Super offer?

Why should I have cover with NGS?

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