About our advice services

We offer you the support you need, whether it’s making decisions about your super, growing your wealth or drawing up a financial plan. We are licensed to offer you a wide range of financial planning services including:

List of services

Service Includes
Wealth cre​ation  
Debt management  
Risk management  
Estate planning  
Centrelink benefits  
Self-managed super funds  
  • Salary sacrificing
  • Contribution splitting
  • Government Co-contribution
  • Investment advice
  • Consolidation
  • Other voluntary contributions or lump sums
Retirement planning
  • Transition to retirement pensions
  • Centrelink Age Pension
  • NGS Pension
  • Risk profiling
  • Debt management and savings plans
  • Asset allocation and investment diversification
  • Income protection
  • Death and total and permanent disablement

Your life stage will influence the type of financial advice you need. Check out our check list for further information.

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Accessible, affordable, and professional advice for every stage of your life


Professional advice is readily available to all members across Australia:

  • over the phone
  • via video conference
  • face to face


  • Your first consultation is complimentary.
  • Our telephone advice service can provide limited advice to you free of charge.
  • Super-related advice can be paid for from your super account.
  • Our face-to-face Financial Planners can provide advice about your super and retirement planning, in addition to any advice you may need on non-super investments or wealth creation strategies.
  • The cost of financial plans delivered by our face-to-face NGS Financial Planners will vary depending on the type of advice required and the complexity.  This cost will always be confirmed, and agreed upon by you, prior to proceeding with any advice.


  • All NGS Financial Planners are appropriately qualified and none of them receive any commissions.
  • NGS Financial Planners all undertake continuing education to stay up to date with the  ever-changing financial landscape

Frequent topics we advise on

Telephone advice can provide limited advice on the following topics (free of charge)

  • What investment options are available with NGS Super and which are the best for my needs?
  • How much insurance cover do I need to protect myself and my family?
  • How can I make additional contributions to my super, how much should I contribute and what’s the best, most tax-effective way to do it?

Face-to-face Financial Planners can provide more in-depth advice that could cover, but is not limited to, the following topics (costs will vary depending on complexity)

  • How can I best build wealth inside and outside of super?
  • Should I take the transition to retirement pension option and if so, how best to do it?
  • When should I retire and how much super will I need?
  • What should I do with my super balance when I retire?

To talk to a financial planner or receive free single-issue phone advice, please call 1300 133 177 between 8am and 8pm (AEST/AEDT) Monday to Friday. Or complete the enquiry form below to make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting with an NGS Financial Planner.

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