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21 Dec 2022 2 min read

NGS Super is proud to announce that we have been rated the Best Value Balanced Super Product at Money magazine’s 2023 Best of the Best Awards.

The awards which are independently judged and rated by Rainmaker Research acknowledge that NGS offers high-quality products that deliver strong returns at a low cost.

Natalie Previtera, Acting CEO NGS Super said, “We’re thrilled to receive recognition for the value of our products. As a niche fund we are close to our members and delivering them value is at the heart of everything we do.”

“Every decision we make is centred on our first priority — to deliver value and better financial outcomes for our members”, she said. The Best Value Balanced Super Product award was granted to our Indexed Growth investment option — one of the largest investment options we manage, with almost $200 million funds under management (FUM).

Here’s how Rainmaker compared us to other funds in our category:

  Product Investment fee % Admin fee Member $ fee Total fee % on $10,000 balance Total fee % on $50,000 balance
1 NGS Super Indexed Growth 0.03% 0.10% $65.00 0.78% 0.26%
2 Rest Super Balanced Indexed 0.00% 0.10% $78.00 0.88% 0.26%
3 HESTA Personal Super Indexed Balanced Growth 0.06% 0.14% $65.00 0.85% 0.33%
4 LUCRF Pensions Indexed Balanced 0.06% 0.18% $78.00 1.02% 0.40%
5 Media Super Indexed Balanced 0.04% 0.19% $104.00 1.27% 0.44%

Compared to others in the market — including new entrants — NGS offers good value low-cost options, such as our index investment option at a cost of $150 a year.

Ms Previtera said, “We keep our investment fees low by actively managing assets in the portfolio and balancing risk and volatility. We invest in the best opportunities — every asset in our portfolio is competing to be there.”

“We also have a strong focus on business improvement and efficiency — which helps keep our administration fees low.”

The 2023 Money magazine Best Value Balanced Super Product Award is further recognition for the quality and value of NGS products. Following our announcement to target a carbon-neutral portfolio by 2030 this award also demonstrates our dedication to delivering the best possible financial outcomes for members while we pursue investment practices that have a positive impact on the world.

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