Our Benefits

Your choice of thirteen investment options

We all have different personal circumstances and attitudes to investment risk. That’s why you can choose from thirteen investment options to suit your needs.

Investment switching at no extra cost

Your situation can change at any given moment, so you can switch investment choice at any time. Switching investment options is free of charge.

Gain all the profits

Remember, we’re an industry super fund. After costs are taken out of investment returns, all profits are returned to members.

You pay low fees

We charge you a $1.25 weekly administration fee. We do not pay commissions to salespeople or agents, nor do we pay any dividends to shareholders.

Enjoy competitive returns

Your super is a long term investment. Markets may fall, but they do recover. The NGS Super investment strategy is designed to achieve a strong, long-term investment performance.

Regular communication

At NGS Super we ensure that our members receive all the necessary information about their account.

NGS Accumulation Account

An accumulation account is one of the most common ways for members to manage their retirement savings. NGS Super accumulation accounts offer a variety of investment options with easy online administration, allowing you to take control and choose the right investment strategy for your life circumstances.

In the event that you have not specified a choice of investment strategy, your contributions are invested by NGS Super in the default investment option, known as Diversified (MySuper).

If you want a professional opinion and would like to consult someone who’s professionally qualified, an NGS Financial Planner can help. They not only have an in-depth understanding of your NGS accumulation and income account options, but they’re authorised to give personal advice about a wide range of investment and wealth-building topics outside of super.

You can learn more about the financial advice offered by NGS Super here. To get in touch with our planners and discuss your financial and lifestyle goals, simply complete our handy financial planning enquiry form today.

Start my Accumulation Account

Start your NGS Super Accumulation Account and take control of your investment options today. With easy online adminnstration and the option of guidance from our qualified financial planners, its never been so easy to take control of your retirement strategy.

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