Modern retirement is not the like the old days

Ideas about retirement are very different from a few decades ago. The boundaries no longer exist – many people are fitter, more active and willing to experience something fresh and exciting.

There again, you may want to continue teaching or working in any profession on a part-time basis. Getting a work-life balance does have appeal to many people, so what about you?

You can enjoy the best of both worlds

  • returning to regular employment – If you retired and set up an account based pension and then decided to go back to work, you can stop and transfer your balance back to your super account if you no longer wish to receive an income stream
  • part time with a pension – If you want to work part-time and continue to receive an income stream, you can. You can also choose to adjust your pension payments as long as you take the minimum required
  • money when you need it – Alternatively, you can leave your money in your super account and make withdrawals as needed

How to do it

To stop your income stream and transfer it back to your super account, please click on the button below to complete a request for withdrawal form.

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Adjust your payments

You can also adjust your pension payments by clicking on the button below and completing a Request to vary your pension payment eForm.

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Get advice for every stage of your life

NGS Super members have access to qualified and non-commission based financial planners, including over-the-phone limited advice* about your account, at no additional cost. Book now

* Limited financial advice covers one or two issues in isolation on topics such as investment selection and contribution levels. It does not take into account the member’s entire financial situation.

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