Borrowing costs are incurred through interposed vehicles that the Fund invests in and include costs related to:

  • interest
  • establishment fees
  • commitment fees
  • line fees
  • administrative fees
  • margin fees.

These costs are an additional cost to members. Borrowing costs are paid from the interposed vehicle and reduce the earnings distributed to the Fund.

Investment fees and Indirect costs

The following tables provide further information on the breakdown of the investment fees and costs for each investment option. This is an estimate of these fees and costs for 2020/21:

Borrowing costs — Accumulation and TTR accounts

Borrowing costs — Income account

How we disclose costs

Fees and costs in our current Product Disclosure Statement have been updated in compliance with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Regulatory Guide 97 (RG 97). In compliance with the new regulatory requirements, the way that we disclose indirect costs (being costs that are not a direct charge to your account) now vary from the way they have been disclosed previously. We are no longer required to disclose borrowing costs.

Fees and costs

As an Industry SuperFund, our competitive fees are just one of the many benefits we’re proud to provide to our members — we keep our costs low so you can get the most from your super.

How your super is taxed

Find out how tax applies to different contributions, earnings and withdrawals.

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