Super Members

We’re committed to the financial education, empowerment and wellbeing of our members.

From the start of your first job, throughout your career and during retirement, our focus is to provide the best financial outcome we can give you ­– peace of mind, security, and a lifestyle to enjoy when your life’s work is done.

There are many different ways we can help you grow your super. Find out more online and call our Customer Service Team on 1300 133 177 when you’re ready to talk.

Consolidate your super

We make consolidating your super simple with our quick paperless online process.

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Tools & calculators

Our range of tools & calculators can answer all sorts of super questions. Fast answers are just a few clicks away.

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Salary Sacrifice

You can choose to save more by making salary sacrifice payments – putting more of your pre-tax salary into super.

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Absolutely Super: Magna Carta

Nicholas Cowdery in his essay, “800 Years of Magna Carta” succinctly summarised the rule of law in the following statement, “A crucial aspect of the rule of law is affirmed by the charter: that justice will be done by following rules that have been stated in advance and are knowable by all and fair”.

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Attend a seminar

Actionable ways to plan your financial goals now to set you up for retirement life later.

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Check out our calculators to see if you’re on track with your super.

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Weekly unit prices

Find the most recent weekly unit prices here.

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