The value of advice

09 Sep 2022 3 min read

Why get financial advice?

There are many reasons you might consider getting financial advice. But first, it’s helpful to know what you can expect if you decide to talk to a financial planner.

The first thing to know is that financial planners aren’t salesmen — they are experts who select and tailor financial strategies to help you make the most of your finances and work towards your unique goals. In the same way you see your GP for a health check-up, you can see a financial planner to keep your finances on track.

Things we can help you with

NGS advice services

NGS advice services

When should I get financial advice?

You can seek financial advice at any time. Getting advice is a good way to make sure your finances are well-organised for both now and the future, and that’s important no matter what stage of life you’re at.

Some life events might make us think about our finances a little more than others and you may benefit from the help of a financial planner when:

  • starting a new job
  • having or had children
  • looking to buy your first home
  • investing, inside and outside of super
  • trying to pay off debts
  • experiencing family shifts, like the need to care for parents, or a family member falling ill
  • taking a career break
  • moving to part-time work
  • thinking about retirement.

But there doesn’t need to be a trigger event for advice — you may simply have questions about your super or finances and want to get things sorted. It’s never too early or too late to get advice.

How will an NGS Financial Planner help me?

We all have our own unique set of goals and circumstances. So, when you see a financial planner, their first job is getting to know you. They’ll ask you things like:

  • Why are you seeking advice?
  • What are your goals?
  • What’s your current financial situation?
  • What are your financial needs?

Your answers will give your planner an idea of how they can help you. If they think that creating a personal plan would benefit you, they’ll let you know, and it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to move in that direction.

If you decide to get a financial plan, your planner will create one using strategies that suit your needs and situation. The plan will include recommendations, strategies and projections giving you an idea of how their advice could help you. Should you wish to implement their advice, they will also help with any paperwork you need to put the plan in action. Their team monitor the progress of any applications or transactions that are put in place as a result of your plan — so you don’t need to worry about it.

You can also choose to check-in with your planner every year to make sure everything is in order.

How much does financial advice cost?

At NGS, your first appointment with a financial planner is complimentary, and there’s no obligation to move forward with a plan.

If you do decide to get a tailored financial plan, the cost will depend on how complex it is. At NGS, advice ranges from $1,870 for limited advice plans while more complex plans can cost up to $3,500. For advice that relates to your superannuation, you can choose to have the relevant fee paid from your super instead of your bank account.

Read more about our financial planning costs.

Am I too young for financial advice?

It’s a common misconception that young people don’t need financial advice. But the earlier you get advice, the better prepared you’ll be for the future. If you have specific goals — like buying a home or travelling — a financial planner can help you get there. And if you’re unsure what the future holds for you, a planner can still help you get your investments and insurance in order, so it all works to your best advantage.

Seeing an NGS Financial Planner

Your first appointment with an NGS Financial Planner is complimentary. If you’d like, you can learn more about what to expect from financial planning and read our financial planner profiles before arranging an appointment. We also have a range of advice services that may suit you better if financial planning is not what you’re after right now.

To book an appointment, or find out about all our advice services, call us on 1300 133 177, Monday to Friday, 8am–8pm (AEST/AEDT).

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