2017 Federal Budget Update

Read an overview of six key areas which may impact superannuation in the coming year and beyond.

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New super rules from 1 July 2017

NGS Super CEO Anthony Rodwell-Ball discusses the upcoming changes to super rules on 1 July 2017.

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Government Co-contribution

An additional super contribution from yourself or your spouse could make you eligible for a government super payment of up to $500 at tax time, and a tax offset for your partner.

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Tools & calculators

Our range of calculators can answer all sorts of super questions: from the difference extra contributions can make over time, to the low cost of upgrading your insurance cover and much more.

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Compare Us

Find out why we're the leading Industry Superfund in the education and mutual space that's open to all

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Explore Financial Planning

Having the right advice is crucial to achieving your financial goals.

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Contact Us

Whether you're looking for help regarding your balance, a form or looking for advice, we are here to help.

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Significant Event Notice

Important information about your new insurance arrangements from 1 June 2017

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Seminars now open

Find your nearest seminar! Learn actionable ways to plan your financial goals and set yourself up for retirement later in life.

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Fund Information

Find important information you may need to complete forms, including fund ABN, SPIN and more.

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