Why choose NGS super?

We are the leading Industry SuperFund for those in the education and community sectors, but we're open to everyone. We're proud to offer competitive fees, award-winning insurance and strong investment returns. All our profits go back to our members β€” everything we do is about creating a brighter future for you.

Low fees

A low administration fee and all profits directly to members

Award-winning insurance

Affordable, recognised protection for both you and your loved ones

Strong investment performance

A suite of investment options designed to achieve strong, long-term investment performance

How long will my super last?

How long your super will last in retirement depends on many factors that will differ for everyone. Trying to estimate a timeframe is a good idea, so you can better prepare for the years ahead.

Changes to put more in your super for retirement

From 1 July 2022, people between 67 and 75 years old no longer need to meet the work test to make most types of contributions to super.

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