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If you do not wish to join online, please complete the Membership Application form and post to NGS Super, GPO Box 4303, Melbourne VIC 3001. Please read our Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

Income account join To create an NGS Income account, please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Income Acount Guide. Post your completed form to NGS Super, GPO Box 4303, Melbourne VIC 3001.

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The Australian Government is now offering a free online clearing house to small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. If you wish to use this service to contribute for your NGS Super members, you do not need to register with NGS Super as an employer.

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You can choose any superfund you like...shouldn't there be one you love?

We're dedicated to the dedicated

Check out our brochure 'We're dedicated to the dedicated'.

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Learn about our core values.

We're an Industry Super Fund

See the benefits of an Industry Super Fund in this video.

And we're dedicated to each and every one.

We’re the Industry SuperFund dedicated to people who work in education and community-focused organisations.

With low fees and strong long-term investment performance we're dedicated to providing financial security to you, the people who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Anybody can join NGS Super, so why not join our 100,000+ members who understand the true meaning of wealth.

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