The unit price of each of our investment options depends on the value of its underlying assets. As the value of those assets moves, so does the unit price.

Latest unit prices

How does it work?

Money that's contributed or transferred into your NGS Super account is converted into units. The unit price for each investment option moves up or down, depending on the performance of its underlying investments.



Alfie holds 7,000 units in the Balanced investment option, which, for illustrative purposes, is valued at $2 per unit. So, the total value of Alfie's Balanced units is currently:

7,000 x $2 = $14,000.

As the unit price changes, the value of Alfie’s 7,000 units will change too.


The unit prices applied to your transactions depend on the type of transaction and the time that we receive your request:

  • Withdrawals and Income account payments — the most recent unit price available on the day and at the time we process your payment will apply.
  • Investment switches — if received by 4pm (AEST/AEDT) on a business day, the unit price declared on that day will apply. This will be reflected in your account 3 days later.
  • Contributions — if received by 6pm (AEST/AEDT) on a business day, the unit price declared on that day will apply.

When are unit prices set?

Our unit prices are normally determined daily (on business days only). Unit prices for a particular day are usually available on our website within 2 business days.

In certain circumstances — for instance, if investment markets become volatile — we may suspend unit pricing. This means that we may stop account transactions until a fair unit price can be determined. Once unit pricing resumes, transactions received during the suspension period will be processed, and the unit price on the day the suspension is lifted will apply.

Unit prices

You can find our latest unit prices here. Unit prices for a particular day are normally available within 2 business days.

How we manage investments

Whether you're in our default investment option or have selected options specific to your goals and risk tolerance, it's a good idea to get your head around how we manage investments on your behalf. Learn more

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