NGS Super has an eye on the future and is committed to making investment decisions that deliver positive benefits for our members, the community and the environment. Read more about our CN2030 journey.

As part of our commitment to tomorrow, we're choosing to transition away from companies that don't share our vision and actively pursue partnerships with those that do. By choosing NGS, you're joining us on our journey to go carbon neutral by 2030. Together, we can work towards delivering long-term returns responsibly. 

Projects we invest in

Aspire Social Impact Bond

The Aspire Social Impact Bond is a great example of a sound investment that has also been making a real difference to the lives of people experiencing homelessness

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Tilt Renewables

Tilt’s sustainability ethos is central, not just in its operations, but in its relationships with the communities it works with, and its investors.

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Sydney Desalination Plant

Sydney Desalination Plant forming a crucial part of Sydney’s water infrastructure, helping to reduce dam spill and slow dam depletion during droughts.

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Waratah Super Battery

NGS has invested with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Blackrock Alternatives and other investors to build the Waratah Super Battery in the Hunter Valley in NSW.

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How is this good for my super?

Investing responsibly is designed to deliver returns for you and the planet.

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Carbon Neutral 2030 update

Find out how we’re progressing towards our goal to have a carbon neutral investment portfolio by 2030.

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