Transfer authority form

Transfer whole balance from another fund into NGS Super.

Just fill in this form and send it back to NGS Super. It’s that simple. We’ll contact your other super fund/s and will look after all of the transfer details. There’s no fee for this service.

If you wish to transfer balances from more than one fund to NGS Super, you will need to submit this form for each transfer.

Your transfer will be processed faster if you provide your tax file number and a copy of a recent Member Statement from your other super fund.

Before you transfer

  • Check whether your previous fund will charge you an exit fee or other penalties. From 1 July 2019, exit fees are generally banned from being charged by super funds.
  • If required, ensure that you transfer or replace any insurance cover you have with your other fund before closing the account.

If you wish to transfer your insurance cover from your previous fund to an NGS Accumulation account, you will need to first complete our Insurance — Transfer form.

You should wait until you receive confirmation from us confirming if our insurer has accepted this additional cover before transferring your balance. Alternatively, you can request the transfer through Member Online.

Complete your personal details

Date of birth

Residential address

Previous address
(if you know that the address held by your previous fund is different to your current residential address)

Provide details of your previous super fund

If you have multiple accounts with this fund, you must complete a separate form for each account you wish to transfer.

If you are intending to claim a tax deduction for any personal contributions you have made to your other super account, you should first complete the relevant form with your other fund to notify them of your intent to claim a tax deduction prior to requesting this transfer.

You may not be able to claim a tax deduction after this transfer occurs.

Proof of identity

For transfers between super funds, your previous fund will verify your identification (ID) with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If the information held by your previous fund cannot be matched with the details held by the ATO, your previous fund may require you to provide certified proof of ID before they can complete your transfer to NGS Super.

Your tax file number (TFN) is required for identification purposes. Under super law, you are not obliged to disclose your TFN, but there may be tax consequences if you don’t (please refer below for details).

If you do not provide your TFN:

  • your contributions may be taxed at the highest rate plus Medicare levy
  • you will not be able to make personal contributions to your super fund
  • we may not be able to receive contributions from you or your employer
  • it may be more difficult for you to monitor your account or to locate it if you lose track of it.

NGS Super is authorised to collect your TFN under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. We will treat it as confidential and only use it for lawful purposes. This includes disclosing it to another super fund when we’re arranging a transfer of funds for you. However, you may request in writing that your TFN not be disclosed to any other trustee.

If you do not wish to provide your TFN then you will need to check with your previous fund to determine if you are required to provide certified ID. If you have more than one rollover, you will need to check the requirements with each of your previous super funds.

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