Here you’ll find answers to the questions you’re most likely to be asking about your super - across investments, insurance and the government stimulus package - right now.

Early access to super provisions

How do I access money from my super under the financial hardship clause relating to coronavirus?

Do I need to contact NGS Super to request early release?

Will I receive my funds five days after I apply?

Is this different to existing early release provisions?

What impact will early release have on my final super balance?

Can I lose any insurance that I have through my super?

How soon I can access my super and how long is the process?

Do I have to pay tax on any amounts I withdraw under the early access provision?

Can I withdraw from more than one super fund?

Can I access all of my super?

Do I have to access the full $10,000 in both financial years?

Can I access $10,000 under the new rules if I have a Defined Benefit account?

Is it true that there are scams going around?

Income & Transition to Retirement accounts

What do I need to know about the reduced minimum drawdown?

What happens if I’m already receiving the minimum?

What if I want to receive the reduced minimum for the remainder of the 2019/20 financial year?

What if I want to receive more than the reduced minimum?

Can I receive less than the current minimum, but more than the 50% reduced amount?

What if I want my payment amounts to remain the same?

What if I can’t log in to my account?

Can I still move to a Transition to Retirement account when I was planning to?


NGS Super’s Insurance Guide has a pandemic clause — does this still apply?

I have Income Protection cover – now I’m no longer working, can I make a claim?

What insurance cover do I have?


I am about to receive some money from an inheritance. I plan to retire in December 2021 – should I put this money into my super?

What is my current investment choice?

What is unit pricing?

What is my account balance and how regularly is it updated?

How long does it usually take for an investment switch to be implemented ?


Can I review how my super is tracking right now and get advice for August when I turn 65?

General financial information

I feel like it’s a good idea to look at my finances outside super — where should I start?

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