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11 Sep 2018 2 min read

How NGS helped this teacher prepare for retirement

Recently retired teacher and NGS Super member Jan Wettone has turned from teacher to student since leaving her profession, embracing every opportunity to learn more about her finances.

Before retiring, she consulted an NGS Super financial planner to get advice on a transition-to-retirement plan. “I’m a fantastic teacher, but I’m not a money manager,” she says. “I needed someone to be able to teach that to me.”

She says her NGS Financial Planners were patient experts who could explain legislation to her in plain language. “I’m happy to pay for good service and I want to feel that I’ve been professionally advised and made the best decisions possible.”

Education and advice for members

As a not-for-profit industry superfund that’s open to all Australians, all NGS Super profits go directly towards benefitting members.

That’s why NGS Super is able to provide members with online financial education modules and a range of superannuation advice at no extra cost. Plus, they offer a financial planning service at competitive industry superfund rates using personal finance and investment professionals who only act in members’ best interests and don’t receive commissions or bonuses.

Member education and seminars

NGS Super provides free seminars that are held around Australia, and can also travel to workplaces. These conveniently-located seminars can cover a wide range of topics including CEO updates, social security, transition to retirement (TTR) strategies, Centrelink and retirement, and retirement planning workshops.

The NGS MoneyCoach helps members build their financial understanding so they can gain better insight into finance, investing and superannuation. The online module includes a range of interactive games, tools and calculators, along with articles, tips and a resources section with links to further information.

The NGS Money 101 site is an independent, online financial education initiative. The program helps people to improve their personal financial management skills. It covers lots of important finance basics, starting with budgeting and making a financial plan, understanding the ideas around credit and loans and helping you learn to use debt the smart way, and looks at salary sacrificing, transitioning to retirement and planning for your financial future.

Member advice

There are three different levels of advice that NGS Super provides to members. The first level is general advice, about products and services. The second level is free limited advice, which addresses one or two issues in isolation (such as choosing an appropriate investment option) and doesn’t consider your full financial situation – though it will include a Statement of Advice where appropriate to confirm the information. The third level of advice takes account of your financial circumstances to give you a more thorough outline of potential strategies and products, both inside and outside of superannuation. While the initial phone consultation is complimentary to NGS Super members, third-level advice attracts a fee for service.

The NGS Super Helpline (1300 133 177) covers general questions such as information about default investment options, making contributions, accessing superannuation funds and other product and service enquiries.

Around Australia, NGS Super Customer Relationship Managers can provide free factual, general and limited personal advice to members – second level advice – either by phone or during a site visit with sponsoring employers. You’ll receive a “Statement of Advice” at the end of the session.

If you’re an NGS Super member, you can receive a free over-the-phone consultation with an NGS Super financial planner to begin your financial planning arrangement. If you want to continue, you can access the full financial planning service at the NGS Super offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, to have a full assessment of your situation. Planners receive a salary, don’t get bonuses or commissions, and provide advice on a fee-for-service basis.

If you’d like to learn more, call 1300 133 177 between 8am and 8pm (AEST/AEDT) Monday to Friday. You can also visit us at:

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