Mental Health Month — time to check in with yourself

20 Oct 2022 3 min read

Almost half of Australian adults have experienced a mental disorder at some time.1 October is Mental Health Month — an important reminder to check in on yourself and the people you love.

The last couple of years have been especially tough for many people. While it feels like life is returning to normal, it’s still important to check in on the mental wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

Headlight mental wellbeing tool

We’re often so busy we forget to prioritise our mental health. But even a few minutes can make a difference. Our insurance partner, TAL, has joined academic researchers at the University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre to develop a mental wellbeing tool called Headlight. Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a 3-minute questionnaire
  2. Receive your mental wellbeing score
  3. Get personalised resources that address your mental health risk factors

Headlight is a secure tool, and is free to NGS members. It identifies your potential mental health blind spots and offers evidence-based resources to help you proactively manage your mental wellbeing.

Headlight wellbeing tool

Insurance and mental health

In the last year, mental health conditions — including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression — topped the list for TAL's accepted insurance claims.2 71% of those accepted mental health claims were for Income Protection, meaning members needed financial support while unable to work due to mental health conditions.

With mental health conditions being the number one reason to make an insurance claim, it’s clear that looking after your mental wellbeing is important. Insurance can be a good back-up if you find yourself unable to work due to a mental health condition. Explore your insurance options with TAL and NGS Super:

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1 The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that 43% of Australian adults have experienced a mental disorder at some time. Source: National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing, 2020–2021 | Australian Bureau of Statistics
2 For all TAL customers (not exclusively NGS members). Based on 2021–22 financial year insurance claims paid (1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022).

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