Free literacy tools for NGS Super members

15 Nov 2019 2 min read

Trish Weekes won an NGS Super Scholarship Award winner in 2018, with her project to create a free online literacy toolkit for NGS members.

As a literacy consultant and teacher educator with a PhD in literacy education, Trish is passionate about literacy and understands how difficult it can be for time-poor teachers to create useful, cross-curriculum tools.

At the same time, teachers are required to log professional development hours to retain their accreditation and literacy is a key standard.

Using her Scholarship Award funds, Trish created three online modules of literacy training that were time-saving and simple to use and also counted as three hours of professional development for teachers and were available completely free to NGS Super members up until July 2020.

"I know that teachers don’t have much time", says Trish "so each tool took 10 minutes preparation, or even less. I hope that teachers who took the opportunity to access the free modules while they were available found them helpful."

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