Financial security — an essential key to success

29 Jul 2022 2 min read

Financial insecurity can have a big impact on all of us. When we’re worried about money, we tend to carry it around with us. When this happens, it can affect how we perform at work.

NGS Super recently commissioned research which found that many staff in the education sector are worried about their financial wellbeing, which is impacting their physical and mental health and their focus at work. For employers this could mean you’re spending more time reacting to workforce issues than building a future focused and vibrant workforce.

But the good news from the research was that when employees are less stressed and more confident about their finances, they are empowered to be more productive.

Download the report to read more about how important financial wellbeing is for the workplace. And remember, our Customer Relationship Managers are here to help you and your staff.

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As an employer, you’re often your staff’s go-to when they’re considering their super choices. We’re making it easier for you to have these conversations, with guidance, tools and templates, so you can choose to chat about super and financial wellbeing, while avoiding any potential risk of stepping into providing financial advice.

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