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Fund information and USI
Investment Managers & Outsourced Providers

Fund information

Type of fee Amount How and when paid
Establishment fee
The fee charge upon the establishment of a new account
Nil N/A
Administration fee
Covers the administrative costs relating to the operation of a super entity1
$1.25 per week

PLUS 0.10% p.a. of your account balance, capped at $500 p.a.
Deducted from your account balance weekly

Deducted weekly before the unit price is determined - this is not a direct charge to your account
Contribution fee
The fee on each amount contributed to your investment, either by you or your employer
Nil N/A
Buy-sell spread
Covers transaction costs in relation to the sale and purchase of assets1
Nil N/A
Switching fee
Covers the costs of switching investment options within your account
Nil N/A
Insurance premiums
The cost of your insurance cover
Varies according to your type and level of insurance cover(s) (if any) Deducted from your account weekly in arrears
Withdrawal fee
The cost of withdrawing an amount from your account
Nil N/A
Exit fee
The cost of closing your account
Nil N/A


Title Number
NGS Super – Accumulation Account Members 73549180515701
NGS Super – Income Account Members 73549180515799
Catholic Church Staff Superannuation Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515702
Eltham College Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515703
Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515705
Cuesuper Superannuation Defined Benefit Plan 73549180515706

Proxy voting

NGS Super will exercise the Fund’s voting rights and seek to monitor managers' voting where invested in pooled vehicles.

NGS Super has engaged CGI Glass Lewis to provide a research platform and proxy voting system for the Fund to exercise its proxy voting rights.

In the interest of good governance and our commitment to our Active Ownership and Engagement Policy, NGS publishes real time interactive proxy voting history including the name of the company, the meeting date, country where the vote took place, the nature of the resolutions and how the Fund voted.

Live proxy voting


As an industry super fund, NGS Super is run only to benefit members.

The Fund's remuneration practices reflect our core values, placing our members at the centre of all we do. We also recognise that we need to resource the Fund in order to provide quality benefits and services to members.

Director and Management remuneration

Outsourced providers

Service Provider ABN
Administrator Mercer (Australia) Pty Limited 32 005 315 917
Adviser Deloitte Actuaries & Consultants Limited 56 092 651 057
Investment Consultant Frontier Investment Advisors 21 074 287 406
Investment Consultant Cambridge Associates Limited, LLC 109 366 654
External Auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers 52 780 433 757
Internal Auditor KPMG 51 194 660 183
Bank Westpac Banking Corporation 33 007 457 141
Custodian State Street Australia Limited 21 002 965 200
Custodian The Trust Company Limited (Australia) 21 000 000 993
Insurer TAL Life Limited 70 050 109 450
Professional Liability Insurer Vero 48 005 297 807

Investment managers

For a full list of investment managers, please refer to our investment managers page.

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Significant Event Notices

Significant Event Notices (SENs) outline important changes or events that may impact you as a member. SENs are sent to members individually, but you can also access them at any time online.

Annual Reports

Access our Annual Reports for things like investment performance highlights, financial statements, and CEO and Chair updates.

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