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Are you passionate about education? Do you have an idea that you think could make a real difference?

At NGS Super, we’re committed to supporting our members. Our annual Scholarship Awards are designed to give six winners the funds to help them maximise their contribution to the sector and foster their professional development.

Each year, we award six scholarships of $5,000. Entries are open to all NGS Super members working in education, whether as teachers, management or support staff.

NGS Super Scholarship Awards 2020

Six scholarships across three categories

From 2020, we’ve updated our award categories and criteria. There are two ‘focus’ categories, with an emphasis on areas that we are passionate about as a Fund, plus a general category that will cover any applications that don’t fit into these categories.

  • Navigating life: young people today — from school age and on — face challenges across all sorts of spheres. Whether it’s negotiating the world of social media, learning how to start themselves on the right financial footing or other life skills — what strengths can you help them develop? As an example, one of our past winners is working on an immersion program that teaches students to turn what they believe to be losses into lessons, helping to create resilient young people.
  • Sustainability: it’s a focus for our Fund and for the world at large. Is there something you can contribute in the education sector? Sustainability encompasses many areas, including everything from a simple kitchen garden in a school through to ‘citizen science’ projects that will help our young people become leaders in a sustainable future.
  • General: tell us your idea! Past winner Trish Weekes created a free online literacy program for teachers, while Diana Webster undertook a program with Limited Resources Teacher Training (LRTT), a global education social enterprise, that allowed her to contribute her skills and passion to a school community in Uganda.

Judges’ Choice

This award goes to the highest scoring applicant across all categories.

Entries for NGS Super Scholarship Awards 2020 have now closed.

Past winners spotlight

Find out more about some of our Scholarship Awards recipients.

Yvonne Terweene

Yvonne undertook the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program to help to implement Indigenous language and culture back into her school.

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2019 NGS Super Scholarship Awards

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Diana Webster

Diana Webster, a 2018 recipient of the Scholarship Award, used her grant to participate in a teacher-training course in Uganda where she helped to upskill local teachers.

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Trish Weekes

Trish Weekes was an NGS Scholarship Award winner in 2018 with her project to create a free online literacy toolkit for NGS members.

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Dale Kelly

Dale Kelly's 2016 Award win enabled him to take 17 Year 10 students on the 'trip of a lifetime' to continue revamping an orphanage in South Africa.

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