You can choose to save more in your superannuation by contributing part of your pre-tax salary to your NGS account. Even a small amount now could make a world of difference later and the sooner you start, the greater the end reward.

Why salary sacrifice?

Boost your balance

The more you put into your super now, the more you'll have to enjoy later in life.

Pay less tax

Salary sacrifice contributions are taxed at just 15% (or 30% for those with incomes over $250,000 p.a.).

Reduce your taxable income

Salary sacrifice contributions come out of your pre-tax salary, so they reduce your taxable income. Come tax time, you may need to pay less.

How does salary sacrifice work?

You can choose to 'sacrifice' part of your salary and direct it to your superannuation savings instead. Simply let your employer know how much you'd like to salary sacrifice to NGS and they'll set up your automatic contribution.

There are restrictions on how much you can contribute to your super via salary sacrifice. For full details on salary sacrifice eligibility and limits, please read our fact sheets Salary sacrifice and save and Opportunities and limits for super contributions.

How to get started

Simply complete the Contribution Form below and select how you'd like to send it to your employer.

Unsure how much you should salary sacrifice? NGS offers single-issue advice limited to your NGS Super account at no cost. Find out more on our Advice page. Alternatively, check out ASIC’s MoneySmart Contribution Calculator to find out what type of contributions you should make.

Once confirmed by your employer, your salary sacrifice contributions will be automatic and you should see them on your payslip. If you need to change or cancel your contributions, all you need to do is inform your employer.

Contribution form

Note: By pressing ‘Submit’ you will be provided with a completed instruction form. In order for your request to be actioned, you will need to provide this form to your employer.

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