A little planning goes a long way. Here's where to start.

The R word may be a bit overwhelming at first, but it's good to get a reality check. How much super do you have? Is it enough to live on? What can you do to improve your situation?

If you're not sure where to start, why not attend one of our free, nationally run seminars? You can find the schedule of upcoming sessions here.

You can also complete our financial advice enquiry eform or call our customer service team on1300 133 177  to get started.

Our Benefits

Your choice of fourteen investment options

We all have different personal circumstances and attitudes to investment risk. That’s why you can choose from fourteen investment options to suit your needs.

Investment switching at no extra cost

Your situation can change at any given moment, so you can switch investment choice at any time. Switching investment options is free of charge.

Gain all the profits

Remember, we’re an industry super fund. After costs are taken out of investment returns, all profits are returned to members.

You pay low fees

We charge you a $1.25 weekly administration fee. We do not pay commissions to salespeople or agents, nor do we pay any dividends to shareholders.

Enjoy competitive returns

Your super is a long term investment. Markets may fall, but they do recover. The NGS Super investment strategy is designed to achieve a strong, long-term investment performance.

Regular communication

At NGS Super we ensure that our pension members receive all the necessary information about their income stream account on an ongoing basis.

Past Investment Performance Summary

See our past super investment performance.

Managing Your Accumulation Account Investments

Explore the investment options available and find the right mix for your needs

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