The answer to this question will be different for everyone, and even the smallest thing, like getting regular haircuts, can make a difference to your budget. Take our quiz to get an idea of the kind of retirement that may suit you.

What kind of retirement do you want?

home improvements








takeaway and eating out


phone and internet






health insurance







Please refer back to our website for further details on how much you may need in retirement. Results for this quiz are based on the assumption that you will own your primary home at retirement.

Disclaimer: This information is general financial advice which doesn’t take into account your current personal situation. Your goals and objectives may change over time, and your needs in retirement will be impacted by those changes as well as potential external changes including market movements and changes in government policy. Before you make a decision, you should think about your financial needs and situation and consider seeking professional advice.

How much super will I need?

One of the most important aspects of saving for retirement is knowing what your goals are. Do you know what kind of income you’ll need once you stop working? Once you’ve decided on your ideal amount, you’ll be better positioned to manage and track your progress.

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