After the family home, super is probably the largest investment you have built up over the years. It can easily be a substantial amount of money. If you have made a will, it does not cover your super under Australian law.

Nominate or change your beneficiaries

When you joined NGS Super you may have nominated your preferred beneficiaries. It is important to review this regularly and update it if your circumstances change. If your nomination is not a binding nomination, we will use your nomination as a guide. However, the Trustee has discretion to decide who is to receive your death benefit. NGS Super also provides a binding nomination option. If you have a valid binding nomination at the time of death, we must pay your benefit according to your nomination.

To find out more about making a will, please read our information sheet.

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How to do it

It’s simple. Log in to your Member Online account to make a non-binding nomination. Alternatively, select below to update your beneficiaries by completing and returning a binding or non-binding beneficiary nomination form. For more information, please read our fact sheet Nominate your beneficiaries

Are you an executor of a will?

The first thing to do is call NGS Super on 1300 133 177.

We’ll take you through the steps you need to complete and send you the right form for handling the deceased person’s super.


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