Save for your retirement. Grow your balance with extra contributions through an NGS Accumulation account.

Transition to Retirement

Start an NGS Transition to Retirement account. Use tax savings to boost your super.

In Retirement.

Receive a regular income for your retirement through an NGS Income account.

Super is a tax-effective way to save for your retirement. We can take care of all your super needs from your very first job with an Accumulation account, all the way into and through your retirement years with a Transition to retirement account or Income account.

How to apply


Download and complete a Membership Application form in the back of Product Disclosure Statement and send to:

NGS Super
GPO Box 4303

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Talk to a financial planner

Get advice for every stage of your life

NGS Super has experienced financial planners ready to assist your with your financial needs. Book a consultation online and arrange to see a Financial Planner.

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