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Markets do go up and down. Historically, shares have delivered a stronger performance than cash over the long term. So, when you look at investment performance, look at the results generated over time. It pays to be realistic about your expectations. After all, your super is for your future. For many members this could mean a time frame of decades ahead!

You also have to think about what sort of investor you are. You may be more conservative or prefer more aggressive growth options. It’s worth taking the time to see which choices suit your stage of life and your needs.

Default accumulation account investment option - Diversified (my Super)

If you don’t tell us about your investment choice, this is where your money goes in the Accumulation account. It includes most of the asset classes that NGS Super uses but has a higher weighting to investments in assets with the potential for medium to long-term growth such as shares, infrastructure and property.

Please note that this option was formerly named “Diversified” prior to 1 July 2013.

Diversified (MySuper)

Default income account investment option - Moderate Growth

The Moderate Growth option is the default investment option that is only available in the NGS Income Account product. This option includes most of the asset classes that NGS Super uses but has a higher weighting to investments in assets with the potential for medium to long-term growth, such as shares, infrastructure and property, and assets that provide greater levels of liquidity to meet the income needs during retirement.

This is the option your money will be invested in if you do not advise us of your investment choice.

Moderate Growth

Past investment performance summaries

You can find the most recent performance summaries for accumulation and income accounts below. The NGS performance summaries show the net return after investment fees, tax and the asset-based fee. To view all available performance summaries, click below.

Financial Advice

If you are thinking about which investment option might be right for you, consider obtaining professional advice for your personal situation.

We offer single-issue advice limited to your NGS Super account at no cost:
- over the phone through our financial advice Helpline, or
- through our Customer Relationship Managers, who may be able to meet face-to-face.

We also offer tailored personal advice through NGS Financial Planning for a fee.

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