Insurance — Reduction or cancellation form

Use this form to:

  • reduce or cancel your cover
  • reduce your Income Protection (IP) benefit payment period
  • increase your IP waiting period.

Complete Section 3 if you are applying to cancel cover.

Complete Section 4 if you are applying to reduce cover, including decreasing your IP benefit payment period and increasing your IP waiting period.

Complete Section 5 if you would like to keep your insurance cover should your account become Inactive.

Personal details

Default insurance category

It’s important to advise us of your occupation details, employer details and annual salary to ensure you have the right insurance category as this may impact your sum insured and will impact premium amounts.

Please refer to the Insurance guide for further information on the default insurance category.

Applying to cancel cover

Applying to reduce cover or adjust your Income Protection benefit payment period and/or waiting period

This application, if accepted by the insurer, will replace any existing level and type of insurance cover you currently hold in NGS Super. Your current insurance will be:

  • Fixed Cover or
  • Age-Based (reflecting a Default Cover Multiple of Default Cover).

You can find your type of cover on your current Member Statement available through Member Online.

If you reduce your insurance cover and you then apply for additional cover in the future, you will need to provide health information and your request will need to be assessed by the insurer.

Inactive account — election to maintain your cover

If you have insurance cover in your NGS account and your account becomes Inactive for 16 continuous months, your cover will be cancelled unless you have elected to keep it. You must make an election before your account becomes Inactive. Generally, an account is Inactive where it has not received a contribution or rollover for 16 continuous months.

To maintain your insurance cover and prevent it from being cancelled, simply complete this section.

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