Consolidate your super with NGS

Why leave your super lying around in inactive accounts and pay fees for each one? We make consolidating your super simple with our quick paperless online process. It will mean more money for your retirement and peace of mind today. So get things in order and grow your super balance faster.

Get started

To consolidate your super, login to your secure online account. Once logged in click on “Contributions”, then “Rollovers / Transfers-in” and then simply follow the prompts.

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Why consolidate?

No one wants to have their super lying around in inactive accounts generating extra paperwork and unnecessary fees. With your entire super in one place you are:

  • paying only one set of fees for managing your super
  • growing your wealth and have more at retirement
  • having less paperwork to manage
  • reducing the chance of ending up with lost super accounts if you only have one to keep track of.

Consider all the implications

It’s sensible to consider the implications before rolling your super into one account, for example:

  • compare the features of your current funds. You can compare us with another fund
  • whether consolidation might have any effect on your insurance cover or entitlement to benefits
  • some funds charge an exit fee for you to transfer your super into another fund.

If you have any doubts, you may like to seek professional advice before consolidating.

Consolidate online today – no forms needed!

You can now request to consolidate your super online in a matter of minutes. To complete the consolidation request you only need:

  • the name of your other fund (that you would like to roll money out of)
  • your membership number of the other fund
  • your Tax File Number if you have not already provided this to NGS Super.

How to consolidate your super

NGS offers you quick and easy online or over the phone consolidation process that means no forms or paperwork to complete. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Login to your secure Member Online account (if you don’t know your PIN number, please call us on 1300 133 177)
  • Click on “Contributions” then “Rollovers/Transfers-In”
  • Click on the “Online rollover request” link to get started

An electronic request will then be sent to your other fund. You don’t need to complete or sign any forms.
Alternatively, you can consolidate your super by completing the Rollover/Transfer Authority eForm or call our helpline on 1300 133 177, Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Looking for lost super?

If you think you’ve lost track of some super, you can get things back in order within seconds with the myGov website. You will need to link your ATO account  to your account to view all your super accounts.

Alternatively, you can request the ATO do a search for lost super for you using the lost members register and unclaimed super money register, by completing this form.

Searching for lost super form

Transfer existing insurance

You can also transfer your existing insurance cover to NGS Super. To find out more read our Insurance Guide.