Investing is on trend

04 Aug 2022 2 min read

Investing is on trend — make it count

Gen Z are investment obsessed – looking into everything from crypto and micro-investing to cashback programs to diversify investment portfolios and savings. Third-party research has found that 82% of Gen Z made their first investment during the pandemic.

And while you’re hungry for more financial advice and investment options, you’ve told us you’re looking for short-term satisfaction and making investment decisions based on limited information via social media...

There’s a place for this but you could potentially be sacrificing your financial future. Super can be a very powerful tool in a young person’s investment toolkit — for most people, it’s the largest investment they’ll have outside owning a home.

It helps to consider super as an investment in yourself, in building the retirement of your dreams – even if that feels like forever away right now. Every little bit that you add, when you can, keeps growing until you’re ready.

Plus, you might not know this, but just by having a super fund, you’re an investor! Your employer is paying this money into your fund (plus whatever else you choose to add to it) and you can have a say in how it’s invested.

Are you a risk-taker? Or more conservative? Do you want to invest ethically and sustainably? Your super should have options that tick your boxes as well as help you meet your goals.

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