NGS STEM Week discussions

14 Nov 2023 1 min read

At NGS we’re focused on investing to create a more sustainable tomorrow. Our goal is to have a carbon neutral investment portfolio by 2030 which is why we’re investing in new and emerging technologies like quantum mechanics, space, software, and biotherapeutics.

To understand these areas, and how we can make the right investments decisions we employ experts with backgrounds in engineering, science, and maths on our team.

This series features the NGS investment team, sharing stories of how they are use their skills and expertise in STEM to make investment decisions on carbon, biodiversity, and natural capital, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 3D printing, hydrogen and clean energy.


3D Printing

Read up on 3D Printing: NGS Super secular trends: 3D printing



Want more information on the hydrogen economy? Secular Trends: The Hydrogen Economy


Carbon Capture and Storage

Find out more about carbon capture and storage technology: Trends That Inform Long-Term Investment Decisions


Artificial Intelligence

See more about how artificial intelligence have created autonomous vehicles: Secular Trends: Electronic and Autonomous Vehicles


Quantum Computers

Learn more about the potential of quantum computers: Secular Trends: Quantum Computing

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