NGS Super wins 2020 Best Fund Insurance at Chant West Awards

18 May 2020 2 min read

For the third consecutive year, NGS Super has won the Best Fund Insurance Award at the Chant West Awards.

NGS Super’s insurance, through TAL Life Limited (TAL), was recognised for its quality across a number of criteria, including how well the benefits are designed to meet our members’ needs, premiums and policy conditions. The awards also considered disability insurance, highlighting the importance of TAL’s ongoing work to improve return to good health/work programs for our members.

The Fund’s purpose-built default cover varies with the needs of its members across their life stages. Costs are also tailored to members’ ages, starting very low for members in their 20s and increasing into their mid-30s, after which they gradually decrease.

NGS Super CEO, Laura Wright is delighted that this award marks the Fund’s third consecutive win in this category.

“It’s an honour to once again be recognised as the super fund that delivers the best insurance, particularly in an environment where ongoing legislative change has required regular adjustments to our product. These three consecutive wins are a great acknowledgement of the work we continue to do to offer our members best-in-class insurance.”

Find out more about our insurance options here.

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