The drive to create better communities

05 Mar 2024 3 min read

Sally Cameron is the Senior Manager, Infrastructure at NGS, leading investment decisions across the Fund’s infrastructure portfolio. With 20 years of expertise in funds management, stockbroking, financial markets and investor relations, Sally has worked for a top 50-listed Australian company, a global investment bank, and a family office, as well as being an investment analyst across a range of sectors, including infrastructure, construction, real estate, oil and gas and building materials.

A passion for impact

‘In 2021, after 7 years as an equities and portfolio manager, I took a career break and used the time to study social impact and sustainability at UNSW and Cambridge. I love investing, but something was missing. It was through this course that I started to look at investing with a sustainability lens. NGS was appealing because of the Fund’s intersection between investing and drive to create better communities,’ said Sally.

At NGS, Sally works across various sectors, using her experience and skill set to assess and research infrastructure investment opportunities. The fund’s investment in the Waratah Super Battery is an investment Sally has been pivotal in. To ensure NSW continues to have a reliable energy supply following the anticipated closure of the Eraring Power Station in 2025, the NSW Government is developing the Waratah Super Battery project. The Battery Energy Storage System will provide a continuous active power capacity of at least 700 MW and a guaranteed useable energy storage capacity of at least 1400 MW. Once built, the Waratah Super Battery is expected to be one of the largest Battery Energy Storage Systems in the world.

‘The Waratah Super Battery is a great example of how investing can have a positive impact by helping Australia achieve its renewable ambitions by supporting a secure and reliable energy supply for NSW energy consumers. Other investments I’ve worked on include a digital infrastructure data centre platform that uses 100% renewable energy in the US to help manage the growing use of data, as well as land lease communities in Australia where people over 50 will be able to rent and live in fantastic, lifestyle communities without the cost of purchasing land.’

The many layers of investing

Successful investing requires understanding everything about an asset. That includes how it makes money, what regulatory requirements may impact the asset, if there are environmental impacts, what other competition there is, its geographic location, and any other risks and opportunities.

‘To invest effectively, a lot of research is required,’ said Sally. ‘Sometimes, it can seem like information overload because there are huge amounts of data to process. However, it’s always worth it because the outcome is so rewarding. I also really enjoy keeping up to date with trends, what’s happening in the market, and understanding what our members care about and what matters to them.’

No two days are ever the same

‘Investing is a diverse role. Most days, I will meet with fund managers about potential opportunities. One day, I could be discussing social housing, and the next day, renewable energy. That’s what I love about the role. It enables me to dive deep into many areas I am passionate about and assess if they are the right choice for NGS. Each investment decision needs to be interrogated from every angle. Above all else, the investment must be good for our members and align with our values and goals.’

Rewarding and intellectually stimulating

‘As a child, my father encouraged me and my sister to focus on education so we could always look after ourselves. I’m so grateful for that advice, and I instil the same in my children. Education is so important, particularly when it comes to financial literacy. Throughout my career, I’ve had opportunities to teach other women about financial literacy, which I will continue to do. I’m really heartened to see more and more women work in finance as well. It’s a rewarding and intellectually stimulating career, and I would encourage all women considering it to take the step forward.’

When not working, Sally enjoys being with her husband and children and will take any opportunity to travel – particularly if it involves skiing. She also enjoys getting involved in social impact, having recently helped a social enterprise raise capital. You can connect with Sally here.

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