NGS Super’s Chief Investment Officer Profiled in Investment Magazine

16 Jun 2022 2 min read

Investment Magazine recently featured an in-depth interview with Ben Squires, our Chief Investment Officer (CIO). The profile covered NGS’s 2030 carbon neutral target, as well as our interim target of a 35% reduction of carbon emissions in our portfolio by 2025, with more detail around:

  • The work NGS has done to date to identify companies that are merely ‘greenwashing’ rather than setting achievable plans for carbon reduction. NGS will exclude these companies from its portfolio over the next 12 months.
  • The challenges involved in meeting carbon reduction goals without compromising performance targets, especially in light of the Your Future, Your Super regime.
  • Why NGS set the aggressive 2030 target rather than taking the easier ‘market-based acceptable’ target of 2050.
  • How NGS is engaging with companies about their plans to reduce carbon emissions, and what really constitutes engagement, beyond voting at an AGM as a minority shareholder.
  • Opportunities for investment in renewables.
  • That NGS will not compromise on returns for members.

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