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We offer free superannuation seminars to help NGS members plan for retirement and understand Centrelink benefits. Whether it's a couple of years or a few decades away, retirement is something we all have to consider. We'll teach you about saving more effectively for your future — the plans you put in place today will determine your lifestyle choices in the years ahead.


In the interests of our members, our staff and the wider community, we have moved our seminars online for the foreseeable future. Our upcoming webinars are listed below. Register now and learn how to make the most of your super, from the comfort of your home.

Planning for retirement
Understanding Centrelink for your retirement
Responsible investing

Planning for retirement

Our Planning for retirement webinar will cover the following:

Using a Transition to Retirement account

We’ll look at how a Transition to Retirement account (TTR) may help your transition from full-time to part-time work, allowing you to access your super and top up your reduced income. Further, we’ll explore how you may be able to benefit from this strategy if you plan to continue working full-time and build a stronger super balance for your eventual retirement.

How much you’ll need in retirement

Super, like most important aspects of our lives, is not a one-size-fits-all. If you’re wondering how much you’re really going to need to live the retirement you have planned, we’ll talk you through the factors you need to consider.

Strategies to make the most of your retirement

Whether you’re retiring soon, or it’s still a few years off, we’ll outline some straightforward things that you can do now to make sure that your retirement is as comfortable as possible.

Understanding Centrelink for your retirement

Our Understanding Centrelink for your retirement webinar will cover the following:

The government age pension

There’s a lot to understand about the government age pension.

We’ll talk about:

  • eligibility, including qualifying age
  • how to claim
  • the assets and income tests that determine how much you’re entitled to receive.


We’ll go through the range of benefits that a concession card offers, including cheaper medicine, public transport discounts and more.

Planning for retirement

We’ll also touch on planning for retirement, how your super fits in and what types of advice are available to you as an NGS member.

Responsible investing

Our Responsible investing webinar will cover the following:

What is responsible investing?

We’ll look at the principles of responsible investment, and the key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues facing investors.

The NGS approach to responsible investing

We’ll talk about our net zero carbon target, including what we don’t invest in, and how we engage with companies we invest in to promote better outcomes. We’ll also take a look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how we incorporate them into our investment decision-making.

Our Socially Responsible Diversified option

If social and environmental issues are a high priority for you, you’re looking for medium to long-term growth and are willing to accept short-term fluctuations in returns, we’ll explain how this option could be of interest.

Tailoring your investment within NGS

We’ll also provide details on how you can make choices within your NGS account to make sure your investments reflect your timeframe, appetite for risk and more.


Personalising your investments

Guidance on what to consider when you are thinking about personalising or tailoring your investment allocation, and how to better understand the options available.

Exploring investment options

Explore investment options, including diversification, risk and return, as well as how asset classes work and ways you might allocate your portfolio. You’ll also find out about the importance of your timeframe and how long-term performance should be considered, plus the part emotive drivers play.

Learn about super, savings strategies and building your financial security

Whether you’re retiring soon, or it’s still a few years off, we’ll outline some helpful tips and tools you can use now to make sure your super is on the right path, for you to retire as comfortably as possible.


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Wednesday 4 August 2021
6:00pm to 7:00pm AEST
via Zoom

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