If you're assisting a client with an NGS Super account, you can access useful information and resources on this page.

Resources for financial planners

Adviser fee payments

Members can deduct advice fees from their NGS account for advice relating to their super or income stream with us.

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Forms and resources

Access to all of our forms, fact sheets, guides and our Product Disclosure Statement.

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Third party authority

To gain access to information on your client's NGS account, complete our Third party authorisation form.

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Investment performance

Access the latest monthly and yearly NGS performance summaries.

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USI: 73549180515701

More fund information

NGS Self-Managed Direct Investment Option

The NGS Self-Managed Direct Investment Option provides a gateway for members to directly invest in ASX-listed companies, exchange traded funds and term deposits.

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Annual Reports

Access our Annual Reports for things like investment performance highlights, financial statements, and CEO and Chair updates.

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