A little professional knowledge can go a long way

If you want a professional opinion and would like to consult someone who’s professionally qualified, an NGS Financial Planner can help. They not only have an in-depth understanding of your NGS super and pension options, but they’re authorised to give personal advice about a wide range of investment and wealth-building topics outside of super.

NGS Financial Planners

NGS Financial Planners have the profits-for-members ethos that you get from an industry super fund. Their advice won’t be influenced by offers of commissions or bonuses and we’ll never charge you for anything you don’t agree to in writing. As a member, your first consultation will be complimentary.

So, in short, quality financial advice – the kind you’ll get from NGS Financial Planners – will:

  • Give you professional answers to specific finance, super and investment questions
  • Formulate a financial plan to fast-track your way to achieving your goals
  • Help you implement your retirement or wealth accumulation strategy
  • Build and maintain an ongoing relationship to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals

To get in touch with our planners and discuss your financial and lifestyle goals, simply complete our handy financial planning enquiry form today.

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We work with you to determine a plan that suits your stage of life, your goals and your priorities.

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