In August 2020, NGS Super and Australian Catholic Superannuation announced our plans to merge, creating a larger, stronger fund for all our members.

March 2021 update

Since NGS Super announced our planned merger with ACS in August 2020, both funds have been working behind the scenes to complete the many tasks that are involved. You may be curious about the process and where we currently are on the merger timeline.

Questions you might have

Why is NGS Super merging with Australian Catholic Super?

Who is Australian Catholic Super (ACS)?

When will the merge happen?

What will the new fund be called?

Will the new fund be a Catholic fund?

Will the merged fund be an Industry SuperFund?

Can I still call the NGS helpline for queries or assistance?


What does it mean for me as a member?

Can I still make changes to my account?

What will happen to my insurance cover?

Will there be a change to investment options?


What does it mean for you as an employer?

Can I still contact the same Client Relationship Manager (CRM)?

Will the merged fund continue to have defined benefit sub-plans?

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