Each year, our Investments team sets the strategic asset allocation for our portfolio. As part of this exercise, we produce an in-depth research piece on upcoming “secular trends”.

What are secular trends and why do they matter?

Secular trends are evolving trends in the market that take place over a longer time horizon, rather than being seasonal or cyclical. It’s important for us to understand secular trends when we’re reviewing and setting our long-term strategic asset allocation, as they help us identify investment opportunities and risks.

Key trends ahead

Carbon neutrality

Discover how investment opportunities in renewable energy can help support the transition to a carbon neutral world.

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Electronic and autonomous vehicles

Learn how we're investing in companies with exposure to electronic and autonomous vehicles, and our plan for uncovering opportunities in this evolving sector.

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3D printing

Discover how advancements in 3D printing is transforming industry. Learn more about NGS's indirect and direct exposure to investments related to this trend.

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The metaverse

Learn about opportunities that may arise from investing in cutting-edge technologies and developments, like virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Demographic changes

Learn how demographic changes around the world affect investments, and NGS's best practices for diversification that help maximize returns and minimize risk.

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Quantum computing

At NGS we are actively monitoring the technological developments in quantum computing, analysing how and when other industries can utilise the technology.

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Investment decisions made today will impact your returns in the future. Find out how geopolitics can shape long term secular trends and affect investments.

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Blockchain, decentralised finance and cryptocurrency

Learn about the potential opportunities and challenges when investing in blockchain, decentralised finance and cryptocurrency.

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The hydrogen economy

Learn how green hydrogen can drive global energy solutions and and why investing in renewable technologies is so important.

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Projects we invest in

NGS invests in vital projects to help build stronger and more connected communities. 

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