NGS Super provides a variety of scholarships and awards, offering opportunities for members to engage with study, research and professional development opportunities.

NGS Scholarships
Customer Owned Banking Scholarship Award

NGS Scholarships


Are you passionate about making a real difference to your personal and professional development?

Do you have an idea or a dream that could contribute to the education sector? NGS Super’s Scholarship Awards provides you with the opportunity for you to make your dream happen.

We are giving away six $5,000 scholarships, available to NGS Super members working in management, teaching or support staff positions.

You could be off to embark on a professional development project, course or initiative in Australia or overseas. Simply outline the course, project or study tour you’d like to do and tell us how you think this will contribute to the education sector.

Customer Owned Banking Scholarship Award

Are you passionate about your career?

Do you have an idea you think could change the customer owned banking sector?

Do you have an issue in your community that could be solved with a little help?

Instil is committed to the education and professional development of industry professionals working within the mutual sector.

NGS Super is a profit-for-members Industry SuperFund dedicated to serving those who work hard to serve their community.

Sponsored by NGS Super, and offered in partnership with Instil – the Customer Owned Banking Scholarship Award aims to help industry leaders create their vision of success and make a contribution to the customer owned banking sector and the community it serves.

Nominations will open late August 2020.

Congratulations to Angelique French, Orange Credit Union who won the 2019 award!

NGS Super Scholarship Awards

Recognising those making a difference in the education sector

Industry Recognition

Learn more about accolades and recognition received by NGS Super for our products, services and community participation.

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