Headlight - explore your mental wellbeing

01 Sep 2020 2 min read

We are navigating uncertain times right now, and COVID-19 has made many of us more aware that we live in an unpredictable world.

It’s totally normal to feel heightened stress and anxiety when your way of life, working arrangements, finances and even health may have changed. While we all respond in our own ways, it’s important for all of us to prioritise personal wellbeing at such times.

Now, more than ever, NGS Super is committed to supporting our members’ wellbeing. Together with our life insurance partner, TAL, we’re providing you with wellbeing resources to support your mental health and career journey.

Headlight is a secure online tool that guides you through a mental wellbeing discovery. You simply answer a few short questions, and Headlight provides you with a range of evidence-based resources based on your personal wellbeing score and mental health lifestyle factors.

There’s always more to know about your mental wellbeing and it may surprise you how simple actions can have significant benefits.

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